Saying Goodbye – An Ersatz Moral

Last night, I said goodbye to an old friend.  A friend who used to burn the midnight oil with me while the rest of the world slept.  A friend who got me through some of the best and worst times of the so-called “best years of my life”. A friend who rarely failed me, even under intense pressure.  That, my friends, was my 2000 Sony VAIO, now formatted and soon to be laid to rest in the recycled heaven of Best Buy.

I was upstairs in the office cleaning out the detritus of years and years of fastidious, almost compulsive recordkeeping, when I stubbed my toe on a heavy briefcase under the desk. Lo and behold! My fully loaded, 13 G C: drive, 40G D: drive (hush, you; that power was unheard of back then), 50M of RAM laptop gazed back at me, complete with Catwoman sticker on the lid. Continue reading


Writers Block and the Internet: A Scapegoat Story

A long time ago, in a faraway land, there lived a green-eyed girl who loved to read books. Big books, little books, books of all shapes and sizes. Blue books, red books, green books, black books, books of all colors and kinds. Even as she loved her books, she loved the Words that lived in them more. These Words became her lifelong friends, glowing companions on dark and stormy nights. While she loved seeing Words in books, she dreamed of creating her own books for them to inhabit.

Unfortunately, fear held her back; fear of creating a shabby home for her Words. Fear of faulty structure, weak load-bearing members and a tawdry paint job for the interior. Rather than burdening them with an infrastructure unworthy of their value, she contented herself with seeing them in other books; in worthy, comfortable homes. Continue reading